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The Versatile Survival Knife.

Survival knife

Survival knives are another name for combat knives or tactical knives. They all perform the same basic functions and have the same types of builds and designs. There is a lot of variety within this category of knives, but there are two things that make survival knives stand out from other types of blades- their durability and versatility.

We want to focus on the latter aspect here, as not everyone knows how useful these kinds of knives can be. They understand a survival knife is handy when going outdoors, especially during camping trips. They can be used to cut off small branches, saw wood, cut fabric and even dig small trenches. While it may not be discussed as much, survival knives are also understood to be great defensive or offensive tools. They can be used to protect people against animal attacks and even used for hunting and skinning.

What people may not realize about survival knives, though, is that they are designed for versatility. A lot of them will have sawblades along the edge, allowing them to cut more easily through wood and other tough, fibrous materials. They may not be as effectives as a handsaw, but they can still be used to saw when the need arises, and they take up far less space.

Survival knives can also be used to get people out of bad situations. There have been numerous reports of people trapped in their cars or under debris who have used their survival knife to help them, well, survive. They used the knife to break free from their restraints or to bust through glass and get free. An ordinary knife might not be able to do that, but survival knives are designed to withstand some punishment and to keep on working great. They stay sharp for a long time and are incredibly durable, making them very useful in a variety of situations.

Anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors can definitely find some uses for a survival knife. It might not be something that saves their life, but it can certainly be used to make their life and their work easier. We suggest starting with the site survival knives to get a good idea of what survival knives are out there and how they stack up to one another. Reading reviews like those posted on this site can help consumers to buy a survival knife that they will be happy with for years to come.